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For [personal profile] toblass! As usual, DO check in on [personal profile] mywitch 's FABULOUS illustrated version HERE!

Phew! Let's get caught up, shall we? We're checking back in on our beleaguered duo...

'No,' he replied hastily. 'Not at all. I am amenable to a next time.'

'Because if I'm doing this wrong, if... if...' The words were flying from Hermione's lips in a splutter of incomprehensibility. 'You could—should—invite Fiona, of course.'

His eyes grew wide. 'You want Fiona to join us?'

'I want her to come if you want her to come, and I think you probably want her to... er...' Hermione grabbed a banana for something to do, handing it to him to ring up with her coffee. 'And this, please.'

He frowned. 'And your young man?'


Young man? Hermione thought. What young man?

She didn't have a young man.

Not unless Harry's two-year-old counted. James Jabuticaba Mahatma Lovegood-Potter, bless his snotty-nosed little heart, utterly adored his Auntie Hermione. Baby Al just drooled on her.

Severus faltered at her hesitation. 'Presumably, you would wish for your... for him to accompany you.'

Running through all the people who she knew interacted with Severus over the last few weeks, the only man who even remotely fit the bill was—

'Do you mean Pip?' she asked. 'My Pip?'

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For [ profile] toblass!

Hermione glared at the clock as the minute hand wound its way around the circle again and again.

When the meeting finally wrapped, she was exhausted. Still, she wanted to talk to Severus tonight, which was easier said than done. He wouldn't be at the coffee shop anymore, and while he had her address, she didn't know where he lived.

Packing up her folders and saying goodbye to her colleagues, Hermione resolved to send him a message by Patronus.

She marched down the hall, rehearsing the words.

Until she saw him.

In the Ministry.

Talking to Fiona Bones.


Hermione ducked behind a pillar, hoping they hadn't spotted her.

Her heart beating out of her chest, she wondered why Snape had come to the Ministry. She'd never seen him there herself, and she'd been a Ministry drudge since she was just twenty years old.

It couldn't be a coincidence that he appeared at her workplace today of all days. Was Severus seeking her out?

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[ profile] mywitch is the best! If you'd like a one-stop shop for all your Snapey Barista needs, here's the link to the illustrated tale about Severus as a Starbucks barista.
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#49-55, for [ profile] toblass!

Hey, all! [ profile] mywitch graciously sketched some killer art for this. I'm feeling a little lazy this morning, but for the next update of "The Continuing Adventures of Severus Snape, Barista Extraordinaire," I'll gather all the art from Toby and MyWitch to share with you all. In the meanwhile, I'll backtrack one drabble just to make sure you don't lose the thread of their date together.

She sighed, disappointed. Clearly, Harry was wrong and this wasn't a date. 'Do I need to show you my investment portfolio and retirement plan to prove that I'm an adult?'

Severus had the decency to look flustered. 'Of course not.'

'Well, that's a relief,' she replied, slumping in her chair. 'My Plan B to prove that I'm not a child any longer was to parade around in a low-cut dress. Or take you to a beach somewhere in Mallorca where you'd be forced to spend time with me while I'm wearing a bikini.'


His jaw dropped.

Quite literally falling right open, completely lost for words.

Hermione smiled, pleased as punch at his startled response. 'I'm glad you take my word for it, although I do have well-balanced assets if I do say so myself.'

His eyes dropped to her lips and the column of her throat before retreating northwards once more.

She coughed, moving the stew around her plate with her fork. Flirting wasn't her strong suit. 'Er... I sought some really solid investing advice after the war, what with the money we were given with the Order of Merlin.'

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Blargh. I'll (likely) be in the UK in late July for a conference, and the cheap flight I'm finding to that particular continent drops me off in Zurich. Zurich.

Is it worth it to take the cheap flight and attempt the 9ish-day Haute Route hike through the Alps en route to England? I still need to finagle a way from Chamonix to Oxford.

Switzerland is just so flipping expensive, and I'm a frugal Nellie.

But it's the Matterhorn.

Decisions, decisions...
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#22-25? For [ profile] toblass!


Kevin nodded. 'Mid-forties? Quiet, but terrifyingly efficient?'

Well, Hermione thought, that certainly sounds like Snape. 'He really reads books to kids?'

'Truthfully, he might be doing that to get out of cleaning up spills,' Kevin conceded. 'The first time Tobias pulled a story out to read to a child, it was because the toddler knocked a strawberry frappé all over the floor. He read to the little girl while her mum stared at her mobile, ignoring everything her kid was doing. I was stuck with the mop.'

Hermione smiled, mulling over this unexpected image. 'That was big of him.'

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For [ profile] toblass!

The full run of drabbles can be found here on FFnet, and here are the latest. Let's pick up from 18, which you've already read, and keep going through 21.


'I would never,' Hermione declared imperiously, 'put caramel in a coffee beverage. That defies all logic.'

Snape began scribbling something on the paper cup. When he was through, he passed it to another barista in a green apron, and he asked for payment. 'Your card, Granger?'

She frowned. 'How do you know what I wanted?'

He rolled his eyes. 'Granger, you are a creature of habit. You also seem to forget that I prepared your beverage just 24 hours ago.'

After paying with her mobile, she walked the length of the counter.

There sat a dirty chai latte labeled 'Herman.'

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(Parts... 8-11 today! You can find the whole lot of them on FFnet.)


'Things?' Hermione asked, trying to feel out her assistant's tone of voice. He was a bit melodramatic over the least consequential things, so it was hard to say just how incriminating his material on Snape was. 'What kind of things?'

Pip scooted his chair so that his knees were bang up against her desk. 'All sorts of things. You know about the Shacklebolt cabinet offer, but do you know why he refused it?'

She shook her head.

'Some say that he joined the Unspeakables. Others say he fled the country after the war.'

Hermione frowned. 'So which is true?'
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