Mar. 11th, 2017

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#49-55, for [ profile] toblass!

Hey, all! [ profile] mywitch graciously sketched some killer art for this. I'm feeling a little lazy this morning, but for the next update of "The Continuing Adventures of Severus Snape, Barista Extraordinaire," I'll gather all the art from Toby and MyWitch to share with you all. In the meanwhile, I'll backtrack one drabble just to make sure you don't lose the thread of their date together.

She sighed, disappointed. Clearly, Harry was wrong and this wasn't a date. 'Do I need to show you my investment portfolio and retirement plan to prove that I'm an adult?'

Severus had the decency to look flustered. 'Of course not.'

'Well, that's a relief,' she replied, slumping in her chair. 'My Plan B to prove that I'm not a child any longer was to parade around in a low-cut dress. Or take you to a beach somewhere in Mallorca where you'd be forced to spend time with me while I'm wearing a bikini.'


His jaw dropped.

Quite literally falling right open, completely lost for words.

Hermione smiled, pleased as punch at his startled response. 'I'm glad you take my word for it, although I do have well-balanced assets if I do say so myself.'

His eyes dropped to her lips and the column of her throat before retreating northwards once more.

She coughed, moving the stew around her plate with her fork. Flirting wasn't her strong suit. 'Er... I sought some really solid investing advice after the war, what with the money we were given with the Order of Merlin.'

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