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The full run of drabbles can be found here on FFnet, and here are the latest. Let's pick up from 18, which you've already read, and keep going through 21.


'I would never,' Hermione declared imperiously, 'put caramel in a coffee beverage. That defies all logic.'

Snape began scribbling something on the paper cup. When he was through, he passed it to another barista in a green apron, and he asked for payment. 'Your card, Granger?'

She frowned. 'How do you know what I wanted?'

He rolled his eyes. 'Granger, you are a creature of habit. You also seem to forget that I prepared your beverage just 24 hours ago.'

After paying with her mobile, she walked the length of the counter.

There sat a dirty chai latte labeled 'Herman.'


That smug bastard.

She pried the lid off. After a single sip, she knew that he'd remembered her drink exactly. Most doused their tea with only one shot of espresso, but Hermione had never found that terribly effective. She also had the perfect amount of foam at the top: just enough to make the drink feel indulgent, but not enough to make it seem like one of those frou-frou holiday specials.

Squeezing the lid back on with a minimum of spillage, she called out to the man. 'Thanks again, Silvius!'

He scowled as she swept out the door.


The next morning was a Saturday, so there was technically no need to show up for some caffeine at the crack of dawn.

Hermione never went there on a weekend for Kevin. Instead, she slept in like a duchess, usually past 7 o'clock. Once, back in March of 2011, she even refused to change out of her pyjamas until noon.

But Snape was no Kevin.

After she woke, she decided to lounge around her flat for a while, listening to BBC Radio Four while she tidied up.

Then she threw on some warmer clothes and headed out for coffee.


Snape wasn't there.

But Kevin was.

'Say, Kev,' Hermione said, striking up a conversation while the young man prepared a pour-over for another customer, 'you wouldn't be interested in coming back to weekday mornings, would you? The bloke who replaced you is perpetually grumpy, and I'd like you back.'

Kevin frowned. 'Tobias?'

Hermione shrugged. Perhaps that was what Snape was going by these days. 'Yep.'

'That doesn't sound like him,' Kevin said, hesitant. 'He reads stories to kids and makes balloon animals.'

Confused, she decided to clarify. 'Tobias is the pale man with black hair?'
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