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Kevin nodded. 'Mid-forties? Quiet, but terrifyingly efficient?'

Well, Hermione thought, that certainly sounds like Snape. 'He really reads books to kids?'

'Truthfully, he might be doing that to get out of cleaning up spills,' Kevin conceded. 'The first time Tobias pulled a story out to read to a child, it was because the toddler knocked a strawberry frappé all over the floor. He read to the little girl while her mum stared at her mobile, ignoring everything her kid was doing. I was stuck with the mop.'

Hermione smiled, mulling over this unexpected image. 'That was big of him.'


'How has Tobias ended up on your bad side so quickly?' Kevin asked.

Hermione shrugged, knowing that she couldn't tell him the whole truth about her former professor. Instead, she settled for the part that was allowable under the Statute of Secrecy. 'Well, he... He spelled my name wrong on the cup.'

He chuckled under his breath. 'You don't have the easiest name. It would be one thing if you were an Emily or something, but a Hermione?'

'Still,' she said, determined to win this point, 'I don't look like a Herman, do I?'

Kevin simply laughed.


'And the balloon animals?' Hermione asked, pressing the matter.

Kevin handed over her latte. 'That was just the one time.'

'Why did he even have balloons?' she asked. She took a slow sip from the piping hot beverage. 'Was he carrying them?'

He shook his head. 'My memory of that day... It's foggy.'

'Try me.'

'Well...' he began. 'Someone came into the shop, yelling something about death... death... I don't remember. He was crazy, and Tobias tried to stop him. I hit my head, but when I came to, Tobias was calming the kids down with the balloons.'


Hermione felt the wind knocked out of her. This new information shook her deeply, and she didn't trust herself to walk home just yet. She took her drink to a corner table, picking up a newspaper. Just what was Kevin forgetting?

It sounded like Obliviation.

To be honest, it sounded like whoever was causing troubles might have been yelling at Severus. Did they know who he was? Could the mysterious invader been yelling about Death Eaters?

It had been years since Hermione had given them more than a passing thought. That was all in the past.

Wasn't it?
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